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Rostral Hooks

Rostral hooks are an overgrowth of the first premolar 1/6 or 2/6. These premolars are the first upper tooth visible.

In most cases, if a rostral hook is present, it is very likely that a caudal hook (located at the back of the mouth, otherwise called a "ramp") is present. A lot of horses with this problem tend to have an overjet or an over bite.

Rostral hooks can be caused by comformation misalignment of the lower and upper jaws, but it most often is an effect of the height at which the horse is fed. If the horse eats off the ground, then all the teeth are in the natural position. Once the horse is fed up higher, as seen in a lot of show barns using hay feeders, the jaw/mandible shifts back, therefore the teeth grind out of occlusion causing rostral & caudal hooks.

Rostral Hook
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