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What to Expect

We compile as complete a history on your horse and it's health and performance as possible as it pertains to dental health. A full external and intra-oral exam is the first step, using palpation and visual technique.

Evaluations and Estimates are free of charge. A full page chart is included in this service (see photo). 

Our goal is to restore and maintain the natural chewing function of every horse. Corrective work might be necessary at the time of the initial visit.  

Maintenance work, when the horses are kept on a regular schedule, is often surprisingly basic, and is always a low, flat rate. 

We are trained with both hand floats and motorized equipment. We use a full-mouth speculum, as it is necessary to access the back of the mouth sufficiently.

Some horses need to be sedated in order to balance their teeth and do a thorough float. Many do not, and often people are pleasantly surprised at our capacity to work with horses and do a great job, even with motorized equipment, without any sedation!

Click here to learn more about equine dentistry without sedation.

An initial visit takes approximately 45 minutes per horse. 

Payment is expected at time of service. 

Sasha doing an Oral ExamDental Exam Chart

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