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What to Look For

Maybe nothing! Horses are prey animals, they do not exhibit signs of pain or weakness for fear that a predator would single them out for dinner!

Every horse gets sharp every year, their teeth are always growing or erupting. Some horses show obvious signs that they need attention, other never exhibit symptoms until they are old and their teeth are destroyed beyond repair. 

  • Dropping Feed
  • Eating with head elevated or tilted
  • Excessive tongue activity
  • Quidding hay (wadding or hay balls)
  • Packing feed up in cheeks or Swollen cheeks
  • Sensitivity to the bit
  • Reluctance to accept bit
  • Shaking head when asked to give, flex, or bend
  • High headset, elevated nose under saddle
  • Rooting very low, heavy on the bit
  • Chronic Chiropractic issues
  • Poor topline

Rearing, bucking, balking, and many other pain related behaviors.


Horse Making FacesEvading Bit

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